October 5, 2016

Washington DC Engagement || Katie & Erik



When Katie, Erik, and I met for their sunrise Engagement Session in DC  it was raining, a bit chilly, and the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, our planned meeting spot, were filled with runners clad in every fluorescent shade imaginable. But, Katie and Erik’s sweet and adaptable spirits were not dampened by the situation… So we worked the Lincoln,  the Reflecting Pool, and used the covering of the Washington DC War Memorial to capture their beautiful romance.

Katie and Erik met during their days as students at George Washington University. So capturing their engagement session at the National Mall in DC was a must for them, and absolutely worth rising early to be there before the crowds.

Erik and Katie are absolutely adorable together. It is clear that they only have eyes for each other. Creating artwork that represents their story in such a meaningful place was a dream, and in just a few short months I will be doing it again as they become Mr & Mrs Martino!

washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0032washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0031washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0033 washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0030 washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0029 washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0019{From the Bride-to-Be}

Our Love Story

Now that the wedding date and most of the arrangements are set, we are counting down the days until we get to share our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Erik Martino. We are even more excited to show off our incredible dance moves, which some of you have had the great privilege (or misfortune) of witnessing firsthand. Interestingly, our love affair began on the dance floor. Here is a short story about how we met, as well as some of the fun adventures that we have shared over the past 6 years, including Erik’s fairytale proposal. Enjoy!


Katie and Erik met 6 years ago while they were both attending college at The George Washington University (GW) in Washington, DC. Erik was studying Accounting, while Katie was pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health. Their love story began on October 14, 2010, at a bar called The Lux, where a GW sorority was hosting a party. That night, they shared their first dance, first kiss, and even their first pizza. Back in college, late nights out almost always ended with a trip to the local pizza parlor on campus. Since Katie paid for the pizza, Erik used that as an opportunity to return the favor with a dinner date at a romantic waterfront restaurant in Georgetown called Farmers Fishers Bakers. Not a bad pick for a college student!

In no time at all, Katie and Erik became inseparable. By most standards, their relationship progressed quickly, perhaps because it was rooted in more than just romance. They immediately recognized that they were compatible in terms of their interests, ambition, and sense of adventure. As best friends, they supported one another through school, explored all that DC has to offer, and went on several vacations together. They also shared their hobbies with each other. Erik opened Katie up to the world of sports, and Katie attempted to teach Erik how to snowboard. Over years, they have also shared many new experiences and developed new interests as a couple, including wine tasting and brewery tours, health and fitness, and pretending to be art aficionados.

Erik claims to have known all along that Katie was “the one.” In fact, the day after meeting Katie at The Lux, Erik told his roommate that he had just met his future wife. Katie also knew all along that Erik was the love of her life. Thus, it’s not surprising that she couldn’t hold back the tears of joy when Erik finally proposed during a picturesque sunset on the coast of Maui in November of last year.

Katie and Erik are looking forward to celebrating their love with family and friends when they officially tie the knot at The Inn at the Colonnade in Baltimore, Maryland, on June 10, 2017.


washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0025washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0023 washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0024washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0021 washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0022washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0020washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0018washington-dc-engagement-fine-art-photo-manda-weaver_0017


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