November 17, 2016

Baltimore Engagement || Katie & Lu


Katie and Lu have a sweet, patient, and enduring love. Their love story began in 2008, and has seen much throughout Lu’s deployment and then some. So when he proposed, just before taking her to watch their beloved Baltimore Ravens play, it was an instant “Yes” for Katie.

Loch Raven Reservoir  was all a flutter with the shimmering colors of fall, and yet the warmth of the day felt like a spring surprise… Making this place that Katie drives by daily on her work commute, the perfect backdrop for their waterside Baltimore Engagement session.

Their love story is strong and true, and I can not wait to be a part of them becoming husband and wife next Fall.eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0109 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0110 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0116eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0111 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0112 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0113 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0114
eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0119 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0120 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0121 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0123 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0122eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0124
eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0126 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0127 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0128 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0129 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0130eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0132 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0134 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0133eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0137 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0135eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0138 eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0136eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0140eastern-shore-maryland-coastal-fine-art-wedding-photo_0142


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Manda is
A creative genius!

I met Manda when she photographed a wedding I was maid of honor in. I got to know her throughout the wedding planning process and spent lots of time with her on the day of that wedding. Her demeanor, positive energy, and absolutely stunning shots made her a natural choice for me to select when I got engaged. She was an absolute joy to be around when she photographed my wedding. 
                                                                      Courtney & Mike

WOW all I can say is WOW!!! Hiring Manda as my wedding photographer was the absolute best decision I made for my wedding!!!

If you are looking for a photographer who will instantly make you (and your not photo-loving fiancé) feel completely at ease, who has the kindest heart and who will make your wedding look like an absolute dream you want Manda!
                                                                       Svetlana & Tyler

Manda was an absolute dream to work with! Capturing natural images of the joy and emotion on our wedding day was very important to us...
Manda excels at just that. 

 After looking at Manda's work and hearing story after story from others about how talented she is, we knew we had to have her capture our wedding. . She has the incredible ability to capture loving faces at just the right time and at just the right angle. She is thoughtful, courteous, and appreciates the value of a couple's wedding day. 
                                                Will & Kate

She is incredibly creative and it shows through her work. We highly (highly) recommend Manda!!!!

We LOVED having Manda as our photographer. Her calm, encouraging, and sweet disposition helped us feel at ease in front of the camera. Moreover, she is incredibly talented and catches the most beautiful moments. She is incredibly creative and it shows through her work. We highly (highly) recommend Manda!!!!

                                                                       -Janna + Sam