September 15, 2016

St Micheals Waterfront Engagement || Chelsea & Joe



St Michaels with all of its seaside charm was the perfect spot for Chelsea and Joe’s Engagement session. Our session began with a stroll through the historic downtown streets fronted by adorable nautical merchants. We then headed to the Chesapeake Maritime Museum for a waterfront picnic, and sealed this sweet soirée for two on the marina docks under the pastel sunset.

Every moment of this shoot was filled with romance and excitement… And I just have to mention how much I loved Chelsea’s flowing Jenny Yoo gown. When my brides want flowers and flowing skirts at their engagement sessions my heart goes pitter-patter.

What a glorious love story Chelsea and Joe are writing. I am counting the days until their Belmont Manor Wedding, featuring the design skills of Elle Ellinghaus, next August. It will be a wonder to capture, I am sure!


st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_01st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_05st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_03 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_06 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_04
st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_07st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0050 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0051 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0052 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0053st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0054st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0056 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0057 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0059 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0058st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0060 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0066st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0064 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0065st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0068 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0067st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0072st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0070st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0074 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0071st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0075
st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0077st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0076st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0079 st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0082st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0080st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0085st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0084st-michaels-eastern-shore-engagement-wedding-chesapeake-bay-maritime-museum-maryland-fine-art-photo_0087

{From the Bride-To-BE}
Joe and I both attended Frostburg University in the fall of 2008; while it was my freshman year of college, Joe was approaching his junior year. Joe and I crossed paths from time to time as he played on the Frostburg baseball team (also note that baseball is my favorite sport). I had lots of friends on the baseball team, however Joe and I never really officially met and had a chance to talk (he also had a girlfriend at the time). Although, he tells me all the time how he remembers what I was wearing the first time he saw me sitting on the bleachers at the baseball field. He even remembers what color shirt I was wearing (he’s not creepy, I promise). I always say “how do you know it was me for sure?”, because we never actually talked, and he always says “you were with your best friend Alexa, and I know what Alexa looks like!”

Anyway, fast forward to 2012 when I was visiting our mutual friend who had gotten in a terrible car accident. Joe happened to be visiting him the same day, and the rest is history! We started “talking” in the beginning of 2012. For 3 months we texted every single day while I was in college at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. We ended up going out on a date the day after I returned home from school, Friday, May 18, 2012. We went to Tidewater Grill on the water in Havre de Grace, MD. After sharing life stories, and even coming up with some inside jokes, the stars aligned and we continued to date! It wasn’t until September 8, 2013 when he FINALLY officially asked me to be his girlfriendJ. 3 years later, on Saturday, January 29, 2016 Joe proposed to me so beautifully next to the Havre de Grace Lighthouse, after eating lunch at Tidewater Grill, the same place where we had our first date.



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I met Manda when she photographed a wedding I was maid of honor in. I got to know her throughout the wedding planning process and spent lots of time with her on the day of that wedding. Her demeanor, positive energy, and absolutely stunning shots made her a natural choice for me to select when I got engaged. She was an absolute joy to be around when she photographed my wedding. 
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Manda excels at just that. 

 After looking at Manda's work and hearing story after story from others about how talented she is, we knew we had to have her capture our wedding. . She has the incredible ability to capture loving faces at just the right time and at just the right angle. She is thoughtful, courteous, and appreciates the value of a couple's wedding day. 
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She is incredibly creative and it shows through her work. We highly (highly) recommend Manda!!!!

We LOVED having Manda as our photographer. Her calm, encouraging, and sweet disposition helped us feel at ease in front of the camera. Moreover, she is incredibly talented and catches the most beautiful moments. She is incredibly creative and it shows through her work. We highly (highly) recommend Manda!!!!

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