March 16, 2016

Inn at the Colonnade, Baltimore Wedding || Kelly & Cal


Kelly and Cal’s Baltimore Wedding at The Inn at the Colonnade was an affair to remember. My artist’s heart was all a-flutter the whole day long with the relentless beauty surrounding me. From the extravagant floral designs, to the vibrant color palette, to the top notch band, and of course Kelly’s glamorous tiered organza Mikaella gown, this celebration was the perfect expression of the love the new Mr. & Mrs Hutto share.

Kelly and Cal are such a  sweetheart of a couple!  I adored so much watching them enjoy each other as they celebrated amongst their dearest friends and family. The reception was the crowning jewel of the day…The meticulous planning and design execution by Drew Vanlandingham made the bride so excited that she said it was like walking in a fairy tale.  And I would have to agree with her.

Kelly and Cal began their love story at the bar where she worked… Kelly thought Cal was cute and enjoyed her chat with him. Being the brave thing that she is, she slipped him her work schedule. But as often happens in a good love story, the timing wasn’t quite right.  Cal was in the midst of a busy season in his military career. This prevented him from returning for several weeks. Needless to say Kelly thought she had struck out. But then one day he did return never having forgotten her…  They struck up their fun conversation again. Cal asked her out and they began dating. All of this led to a love that flourished. Cal asked Kelly to become his wife at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, and of course Kelly said “Yes!”

And so on March 12th or 2016 they promised forever to each other… and I so happened to be the one to capture these memories that someday they will share with their grandchildren.

Congratulations Kelly Michelle and Major Calvin Hutto… May your ever after be filled with love, hope, and joy!


The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0001 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0003 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0006The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0004The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0002The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0005The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0007 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0008 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0009 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0010 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0011 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0012 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0013 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0014 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0015 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0016 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0017 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0018 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0019 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0020 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0021 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0022 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0023 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0024 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0025 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0026 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0028 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0029 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0030 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0032 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0034 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0036 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0038 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0040 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0050 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0051 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0052 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0053 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0054 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0055 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0056 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0057 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0058 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0059 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0060 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0062 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0061The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0063 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0064 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0065 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0066 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0067 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0068 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0069 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0070The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0073 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0072The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0074 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0075 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0076 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0077 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0078 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0079 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0080 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0081 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0082 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0083 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0084 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0085 The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0087The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0086The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0089The Inn At The Colonnade-Baltimore-MD-Wedding-Photo_0071


Planning: The Vanlandingham Design Studio
Venue: Inn at the Colonnade
Floral Design: Wicked Willow
Lighting: Blondell’s Accents on Events
Linens/Rentals: Select Event Group
Cake: Sugar Bakers Cakes
Hair & Make Up: Something Blue Beauty
Videography: Matt Buerhaus 
Band: Encore/Washington Talent Agency
Ceremony Guitarist: Chris Dun
Clergy: Thoughtful Weddings/Rev. Rovan W.
Gown: Mikaella by Paloma Blanca
Reception Accessories (Champagne Flutes/Cake Utentsils): Kate Spade
Bridal Hair Accesories: Lottie-Da Designs
Bridal Boutique: The Bridal Boutique


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Manda is
A creative genius!

I met Manda when she photographed a wedding I was maid of honor in. I got to know her throughout the wedding planning process and spent lots of time with her on the day of that wedding. Her demeanor, positive energy, and absolutely stunning shots made her a natural choice for me to select when I got engaged. She was an absolute joy to be around when she photographed my wedding. 
                                                                      Courtney & Mike

WOW all I can say is WOW!!! Hiring Manda as my wedding photographer was the absolute best decision I made for my wedding!!!

If you are looking for a photographer who will instantly make you (and your not photo-loving fiancé) feel completely at ease, who has the kindest heart and who will make your wedding look like an absolute dream you want Manda!
                                                                       Svetlana & Tyler

Manda was an absolute dream to work with! Capturing natural images of the joy and emotion on our wedding day was very important to us...
Manda excels at just that. 

 After looking at Manda's work and hearing story after story from others about how talented she is, we knew we had to have her capture our wedding. . She has the incredible ability to capture loving faces at just the right time and at just the right angle. She is thoughtful, courteous, and appreciates the value of a couple's wedding day. 
                                                Will & Kate

She is incredibly creative and it shows through her work. We highly (highly) recommend Manda!!!!

We LOVED having Manda as our photographer. Her calm, encouraging, and sweet disposition helped us feel at ease in front of the camera. Moreover, she is incredibly talented and catches the most beautiful moments. She is incredibly creative and it shows through her work. We highly (highly) recommend Manda!!!!

                                                                       -Janna + Sam