April 16, 2020

Elevate Your Wedding Style with Custom Wedding Stationery


You are completely different than anyone else and your wedding day will be completely different than any other wedding day that has come before it or will come after it, so why not elevate your style with custom wedding stationery! Your wedding should be a direct reflection of your style, personality, background and preferences and choosing custom wedding stationery is one of the easiest (and most memorable) ways to create that. 

There seem to be countless exciting details to think about and important decisions to make to ensure that your special day is executed as flawlessly as possible and is everything you and your partner have ever dreamed of. One of the first decisions you must make is who you are going to invite and how you are going to invite them. Your invitations are the first impression that your guests will have of the magical wedding experience you are creating, so make them as special and reflective of you as possible. 

Custom wedding stationery with hand-calligraphed envelopes!

There is nothing quite as timeless nor as elegant as custom wedding invitations with hand-calligraphed invitations! In recent years, couples have been using web-based invitations, which certainly gets the details of the event to your guests, but this method does not convey the same authentic and detailed artistry as handwritten invitations do.

custom wedding stationery with hand-calligraphed invitations, envelopes, and rsvp cards mixed in with a wedding ring, magnifying glass with an ornate key base and other details from a wedding photographed by Manda Weaver Photography

Show your guests they are worth your time and love.

The personal touch of custom wedding invitations is a lovely way to ensure your guests not only feel honored that you invited them, but also see that you believe they are worth your time and love when creating such a beautiful invitation. These days, giving your loved ones your time and energy is one of the most heartfelt and beautiful ways to let them know they are loved. 

A gorgeous artisanal gift for your guests.

Custom wedding stationery also provides a unique opportunity to express your story and aesthetic with some heirloom artwork that you and your guests can keep forever. Imagine these beautiful details collaged into a photo album or picture frame next to portraits of the happy couple, the stunning venue, loved ones who were in attendance, and other exquisite details from such a moving and memorable day. A personalized gift that the recipients will treasure!


Custom wedding stationery can be used throughout the wedding day.

Calligraphy can also be used on other stationary at your wedding, including table settings, menus, seating charts, and even your vows! Having splashes of similar typography throughout your wedding stationery pulls the design elements together and creates a beautiful symmetry. A detail that your guests will be sure to notice.

custom wedding stationery with hand-calligraphed seating plan with an ornate frame set outside with a background of greenery from a wedding photographed by Manda Weaver Photography


Hire a professional calligrapher to make sure your custom stationery shines.

Laura Hooper, a professional calligrapher, has this to say about her work creating custom wedding invitations for couples:

“We believe in the beauty of a timeless, handwritten script & that your wedding stationery is worthy of evoking awe through graceful scripts. This personal touch will elevate your paper goods from your guests’ very first impression – the outer envelope. The envelope is the first representation of the celebration of your love that your guests receive & it deserves more than a basic computer font.”

While planning a wedding, your time is extremely valuable, so there is no need to spend hours watching tutorials or taking classes on how to draw calligraphy. Even if this is a skill that you possess, it’s often best to delegate or accept the help of others and have them handle certain elements of your big day to ensure your time is being allocated to more important details and decisions that only you can make. Once the guest list has been decided, the creation of the invitations can be handed over to a professional, like Laura. They will be able to flawlessly tie in your color palette and other design elements to ensure that your custom invitations embody the theme of your wedding.

Below are a few vendors that I recommend to create beautifully elegant custom invitations with hand-calligraphed envelopes for your very special day! 



Pretty Written Things

Curved & Co.

Cink Art

Hand Painted Surfaces: Elysian Market

Fabric Surfaces: Olive and Oak Mat


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