February 9, 2019

5 Ways to Set Your Reception Apart Maryland + Washington DC Wedding Photographer

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  1. A Well Paced Timeline
    You’ve been there… stuck in the waiting for the meal to be served, in line at the bar, or even for your moment on the dance floor. As a guest, one thing that can quickly distract you from the purpose of the day is a poorly planned (and executed) reception timeline. And that is such a shame…  you’ve put so time and effort into creating a joyous celebration. A well paced timeline will make everyone feel a part of the epic your Wedding celebration which culminates in the Reception. From the moment they walk in to the reception space there should be elements that engage your guest, and invite them to participate. Your reception events (introductions, special dances, toasts, speeches, dinner cake cutting, and many other traditions) should be paced out so that the lulls are minimized, while also giving your guest time to breath and take in the entire Wedding experience.___ For a sample reception flow –  email manda@mandaweaver.com

  2. Live Band
    I adore a good DJ, but there is just nothing like a talented live band. The sound and energy of live vocals and instruments are absolutely infectious, and worth every penny. This is one of those elements that elevates your reception from a college party/prom vibe to a once in a lifetime affair.
  3. Choreographed Fist Dance
    Sure to surprise and delight this can be on the fun side or the more elegant/romantic side. Either way you choose to go… you are sure to draw the attention of your guests, and create a vibrant memory for the two of you.
  4. His and Hers Mini Desserts
    Let your chef show off by creating a small plate of hers and his favorite mini desserts. It’s a treat for guests that allows them to connect to your story in a unique way while also allowing them to curb their sweet tooth as they await the cake cutting (which is often one of the final events on your Wedding timeline). Who doesn’t live an unexpected course of the meal.
  5. Pre-Dinner Open Floor Dancing
    Now this one… it breaks with tradition. It may not be for every crowd, but it has a way of allowing for a burst of enjoyment before dinner. Think about it you’re dress to the nines, you took in a beautiful and moving ceremony, conversed and caught up with friends and family while consuming a few drinks during cocktail hour, then you moved into the tent/ballroom space filled with elegantly designed tables promising a delicious meal and then you sit and watch the Couple and their entourage enter Hollywood style followed by the “First Dance.” You expect to then sit there and wait more while the first course (or possibly second) is served, but what if the couple invites you to break free of the waiting and join them for a few dances that allow the release some of the excitement that has been building. Every time one of my couples chooses this, It is an absolute thrill for the guest. The dance floor is filled, and they flow into dinner is much more smooth. It extends the party and fuels the rest of the evening. You will love this, your guests will love this, and your catering staff will thank you for distracting the guests while they serve. It’s a win, win, win!!!

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